All I can tell ya is Google/YouTube this subject.

Other than that, from what I saw on Facebook recently, despite missing one or two ingredients i.e. chopped onion and pepper, I took some pre-cut sharp cheddar cheese cubes and stuffed them inside ground beef and rolling them into some really big balls (no pun intended), and sprinkled various herbs and spices on them.

Sprayed down the crock pot, put the balls in, added two jars of Ragu, set the slow cooker on slow, and they were done the following morning.  I ate half, and shared the other half with mom.  She loved ’em!

Later on that same day, she said she wanted me to make them again-this time, with turkey sausage!  More than obliged I am.

We cracked about that SNL skit that featured Alec Baldwin where he played Pete Schweddy and shared his “schweddy balls” for Christmas!

Just a change for something other than the average sandwich and chips!

I’ll admit, I got some BIG balls in this picture!

Yes, this time pun intended.


P.S.  For your voracious appetites, here is the Google link for various recipes on the subject.  Knock yourselves out, y’all!