…Aboritaville!  No lost shaker of salt, I opted not to use it.

Any who, I finally mustered up the courage to try out this Arborita from Arbor Mist.  And I must say that it’s one of their best sub-products yet.  I still favour the Arbor Mist wine alone (been a fan of theirs since their debut in the 90s).

Due to a major thirst (and a lack of patience), I decided to drink this straight up (or “raw” as we say in the hood), no lime slices (didn’t have any), again, no salt, and no blender.  And I will submit the fact that for a wine cooler, this tasted literally like a margarita.  This baby packed a major punch to say the least.  I enjoyed it.

Reminds me to buy a case of these whenever I have company over next time ’round.

And yes, Jimmy Buffett came to mind as I write this (see opening title).

Two last things:  be sure to check out http://www.arbormist.com, and as always, drink responsibly.