DSC_8954-custom watermarked

After work one afternoon I decided to hang out at the River Walkway downtown, and take some shots.  Again, as I’ve said in the past, as a photographer, things find you!  Case in point:

This one pic was a random subject where some leftover dirt from the construction which was eventually turned into a gigantic mound, I was able to use that to get the shot that you see here.  My biggest regret in this regard was that I did not use my tripod to get a really good long exposure (notwithstanding that I had my tripod in my car, and the top of the mound wasn’t very level, which would’ve added even more frustration).

My glorious moment in this pic was that I was able to capture at least half of the city’s skyline facing westbound simultaneously facing our neighbouring Windsor, Ontario, Canada.  I have taken various shots of this skyline standing in the cold, but it was worth every bit of it.  I hope to post the rest of them ASAP.