First of all, I do not celebrate Thanksgiving, or any other holiday (as I’ve made clear many times in the past), but normally this time of year, I’d cook a turkey for family.  Sadly, over the years, some family members have passed away in recent years, so with that in mind, I’ve fed my parents and some of the elderly friends in the congregation.  Sufficient to say, everybody was satisfied with the food.


First picture of this set.  I don’t drink pop like I used to. I quit for a hot minute, and I plan to eventually quit for good (lots of sugar).  But this mix of Amarito liquer and Dr.Pepper had made the effort worthwhile.  1-2 shots of the liquer and the rest with Dr.P and some ice, and you’re on your way!

DSC_9899-watermarkedNow the bird.  Long story short, I rinsed the bird (BTW, it was given to me from my job), and put it in a turkey bag, added my spices and poured God knows how many teaspoons of Olive Oil, smothered it, put the bird in it, tied the bag up, and shook it.  Then I opened the bag, and poured a tall boy of Steel Reserve along to about 3/4 of a fifth of Amarito.  Tied up the bag, shook it, and well, you see the final outcome of it.  Apparently the bird went much faster than anything else!


Now, the coup de gras.  Everything you see here I made, except the cranberry sauce.  And get this;  I could not get greens to save my life!  Almost bought some kale, but I settled for some mixed veggies instead. The dressing I made, the mac-n-cheese, on the other hand, due to a lack of time (in truth, a lack of patience), instead of doing the old-fashioned way (which is the custom for most families), I bought the kits instead and added some shredded cheese.  And the turkey?  Let’s just say that the beer and the liquer together did an excellent job.  I was happy, and everybody else was happy as well.


Now, the good stuff!  Courtesy of Trader Joe’s.  If I’m not mistaken, this is sold exclusively during the holiday season-I hope that it sells year-round one day.  If anyone remembers how Vernors tasted some thirty plus years ago, that’s what this is!  Goes well with bourbon whiskey, along with cranberry juice.

All these come from my 365 photo journal.  So this was how I spent my holiday off, even though I don’t celebrate them.  Hopefully this moved you as much as it has for me.