gossip hurts

One of the most silent killers in the world, nearly 100% of us have at one point in time have been guilty of it from time to time, this silent killer is more deadly than a stroke, heart attack, and aneurysm combined, that six-letter word is GOSSIP!

Some folks-even senior citizens-thrive on it.  I won’t even lie about it, I’m just as guilty as the next person.  It’s all around us.  Gossip is as poisonous as venomous snakes.  Here’s why I’m writing this:  As you well know, I drive a school bus, and you are also well-aware that it has its good points and bad points.  One day, one of my students was telling me about a former student and some issues that his family is going through. Disturbed though I was by a nine year-old being exposed to exposing the dirty laundry of other people, I asked her what was the purpose of her revealing that information, and her answer shocked me even more!

“Because it’s juicy!”

I immediately told her that she should not gossip about other people-let alone their personal problems.  Bad enough my former student is going through some things right now, last thing he needs is his blabbermouth neighbour telling everything.  I took to heart right after that-especially being a God-fearing individual-I should never talk about other people, even if I have a valid reason.

Again, I told the little girl that “gossip hurts!”  It’s damaging to one’s reputation, character, and well-being.  Not to speak ill of the dead, let alone a family member (and no, I’m not spreading gossip), but my grandmother thrived on that kind of negative energy, and I’ll leave it right there.

More to come!  For now, some scriptural counsel for those who are having this issue and wish to stop!  Hope it helps.

“…make it your aim to live quietly and mind your own business…”             -1 Thessalonians 4:11

“Like someone grabbing hold of a dog’s ears, Is the one passing by who becomes furious about a quarrel that is not his.” -Proverbs 26:17

“…they (old women-as well as men) learn to be unoccupied, going around from one house to another… also gossipers and meddlers in other people’s affairs, talking about things they ought not.”  -1 Timothy 5:13

“…let none of you suffer… as a busybody in other people’s matters.”  -1 Peter 4:15