Ribbet collage New Year's Eve 2015-watermarked.

I could get used to these daily photo journals seeing that I take pictures everyday as it is-most of the time, anyway.  In case anyone’s curious as to what these pics are/were and where they’re located here goes!

From the L-R:

January-Spirit of Detroit Statue w/ Lions jersey.

February-Snow sculpture of a bonfire.  Warren, MI.

March-Frozen raindrops.

April-HDR clouds over Lake St Clair.

May-Lakeshore Drive.  Chicago, IL.

June-Phoenix Theater.  Pontiac, MI

July-Fishbone’s Rhythm Cafe.  Greektown, Detroit, MI.

August-Historic home for sale.  West Village, Detroit, MI.

Sepetmeber-Detroit vs. Everbody Shop.  Eastern Market, Detroit, MI.

October-Extension of the Dequindre Cut.  Detroit, MI.

November-Detroit at dusk.

December-Sinnlig Candle courtesy of IKEA.

This is now the fourth 365 that I’ve done, and the second consecutive one I’ve done, and will do a third consecutive 365 photo journal totaling five altogether.  So if anyone wishes to see the previous ones I’ve done including the current one(s), here are the website(s):

http://www.facebook.com/jvlivsphotography  (Search of album Project 365 2015)

http://www.pinterest.com/bobjulius (search for album Project 365 2014)

www. flickr.com/theblacklightstudio (search for albums Project 365 2008, and 2010).  I will be taking this website down this year.

And of course, check me out on Twitter.  Of course, my tweet name is JVLIVS.

This new project, more than likely will be my last one.  And like last year’s 365, this one will be used on my smartphone (hopefully I’ll have another iPhone this year as well) and posted simultaneously of social media.

And hopefully you have enjoyed this as much as I have.