No, one of that “New Year, New Me” nonsense, but more of a new beginning.  Seeing that I’m beginning to approach the autumn phase of my life, and I’ve seized many opportunities in life, but I have many more to accomplish.  Jobs, relationships, business ventures, and many other things.  At 40, soon to be 41, I’m at the halfway point in my life (Biblically speaking).  I’ve noticed that the longer I live, the past has very little, if any relevance at all.

What can I expect other than the unexpected?

A question that I ask myself often.

Everything that I’ve gone through these past four decades of life, just like the picture you see above (yes, it’s mine), to quote Humphrey Bogart “…lots of water under the bridge”.

Now in more recent times, I’ve made a career change working in the transportation business, and I have a few DOT cards, as well as a Class B CDL (commercial driver license) that’s also enhanced-meaning that I can travel to Canada as well as Mexico without the hassle of a passport.  I’ve started my third consecutive 365 photo journal (I’ve done five altogether so far), and with the convenience of a smartphone, I can simultaneously post them on various social media with just a touch/click of a button.

I’ve gotten bitten by the photography bug, and I’ve come across some areas that I’d like to expand in.  Seeing that I’ve gotten back on my feet these past five months, I still have a lot of catching up to do.

With this new year in tow, and being (nearly) in my 40’s, I’m doing my utmost to make every second that I have count!  If I have a few seconds to spare, I’ll do something constructive/creative to pass up the limited time that I have.  At my age, I just want to add value not just to myself, but those around me, if circumstances permit.

Just ramblin’ about, hopefully I’ll be applying this by the time (somebody) reads this…