Yep, at 41 I’m still at it.  Collecting Transformers.  And being a fan of the Corvette in the early 80s before they slimmed it down, made it even more fascinating.  

This particular robot is named Tracks.  Favoured after the early 1980s Corvette Stingray, he was encountered by a teenage car thief/breakdancer named Raoul.  And what was supposed to be a quick boost had turned out to more than the young punk had bargained for.  Long story short, the gangsters he was working for had offered him some money to boost cars, and they shortchanged him, and Tracks had made himself known.  With a distinctive, mild Bostonian accent, he was no stranger to NYC where the meeting between him and Raoul had taken place.

The ever so vain Autobot in robot form. He’s just as arrogant and as vain as Sunstreaker from the previous season of Transformers.  He was slated to appear in the 1986 Motion Picture, but that part of the plot had fallen through.  Although his stay on the original series was a very short one, he remains of the most popular G1 (generation one) characters.


And one last pic of Tracks, Raoul, and fellow Autobot Blaster.