Pretty much so with all the political uproar these past few weeks.  Because of my religious background, I don’t get involved in politics, and I’m glad, too. It’s just a colossal mess right now.  Now the picture that you see here was a proposal to consolidate all transit companies into the RTA  (Rapid Transit Authority).  Longtime Bus companies i.e. D-DOT  (Detroit Department of Transportation), SMART (Suburban Mobility Authority of Regional Transportation), and The Ride (which is situated in Ann Arbor, MI.

I recently attended a union meeting downtown (nothing new there), and I went there mainly for the RTA, but that was the least of the agendas there.  But the issues with schools closing, and City jobs being threatened, had dominated the majority of the meeting.  The RTA had barely gotten a word in edgewise due to-please pardon my language here-a pissing contest between two councilwomen and an angry mob. Clearly a no contest decision there.

Then came the RTA’s turn to speak.  Not good because in spite of other issues that Detroit is going through, that made the people already there even more upset. Needless to say, the meeting had say spilled into overtime, and even I was losing my patience.  Everything had sounded good with the consolidation of companies including the M1 Railway, a train line connecting Detroit to Ann Arbor, even the People Mover was involved in the project.  I, personally, was in favour of it until I found out days later that three out of four counties (Wayne, Washtenaw, and Oakland) were in favour of it, and the one (Macomb) opposed it nearly two-to-one, so the RTA deal-despite D-DOT receiving new routes-had fallen through.

Which might I’ve been a good thing because I found out even further that the RTA was designed to be a takeover of all the transit companies in the quadrant mentioned above.  Good thing I didn’t cast my vote after all, I might be been out of a job.

But I am certain that we will regionalize eventually like the majority of the other major American cities.  It’s just that now’s not the time.  

But then, this is Detroit we’re talking about here.  When is the right time to receive anything?  We always get the last of everything as it is.

Yet the Phoenix is rising…

So something may yet come to pass one day.

Wishful thinking.