Don’t ask where I’ve  been these past few years, because apparently I’ve been way outta touch with the goings-on of the city’s whereabouts since relocating back to suburbia in recent years.  My friends have been recommending Five Guys Burgers to me left and right. Sufficient to say, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve finally went.

After a few short moments of checking the joint out, I was floored by how clean and professional the place and people were.  And when I found out that they served beer on tap, I was sold, baby!  

All the meat is fresh, not frozen, and their fries are freshly cut, also not frozen, and they’re cooked with freak peanut oil. The unfortunate thing is if you know anyone who has allergies to peanut oil, then this ain’t the place for you.

But without further adieu, here’s what I had…

A double cheeseburger  (I didn’t know they doubled the meat, and I didn’t complain, either), with Stella Artois on tap, and it was dee-lish as well.  You had to be there.  And the fries were on point, baby! 

Again, you had to be there.