I was treated to lunch earlier today from my former chiropractor, Dr. KaminskI to Mike N’ E’s in Clinton Township located in the same plaza as his practice.

The good doctor had recommended the chicken tenders, which were fresh, and crunchy down to the last bite along with some cheese waffle fries washed down with lemonade.  The sauces were handmade, everything was fresh from start to finish with the exception of the fountain drinks.  They even served a complementary sugar cookie (haven’t had one of those in well over 25 years). And it was fresh, too!

The chicken was succulent, juicy, savoury, and the waffle fries smothered in cheese was just as good.  The lemonade washed it down just as well.

I wonder if they have chilli chest waffle fries as well.  I’ll find out on my next visit.