French toast with a touch of ground cinnamon, scrambled eggs with cheese on top, and turkey sausage patties.  

I introduced my girlfriend to some of our Coney Island restaurants here in Detroit (she’s from Cincinnati), and needless to say, she was beyond impressed. Originally I wanted to introduce her to Legends on East Jefferson, basically a 50s-style retro joint (their food is BOMB, BTW), but sadly it was closed, so we went to Detroit’s Finest Coney Island which was over a mile east from Legends.

Detroit’s Finest was formerly a state-of-the-art Wendy’s, but after a year or two in existence, it folded and Detroit’s Finest was born.  Now unlike most of the Coneys in Detroit, this one had a retractable garage door leaving access to the patio.

Next time I go (when it’s warmer, hopefully), I’ll have some pics.

But the French toast was on point, the turkey patties were nice and juicy.  My only issue was when I eat scrambled eggs with cheese, I do not use sliced cheese, and if I did, I would cook the cheese in the eggs, the traditional way.  But it was all good.

My girl said she’d definitely come back to Detroit’s Finest.

And because we ordered the breakfast special (i.e. the one pictured above), we got complementary coffee as well, which was also bomb.

Ya gotta be there!  It’s live every time.