From Nino Salvaggio International Fruit Market in St Clair Shores just a few miles north of Detroit, I recently purchased a Broccoli and Cheese w/ Peppers quiche pie, along with seasoned chicken breasts.  Slightly high on the sodium, but succulent, delicious, and smooth on the palate.

The only thing, unfortunately, was because I have one more day of work left, I couldn’t wash this down with any libations (booze, that is).  

But fret not, that’s coming soon, real soon.  Got some whiskey and wine in my refrigerator waiting for some consuming.

Growing up, mom made quiche often.  It was very popular in the 80s, fell off the map briefly, and in recent years it made a comeback.  And Trader Joe’s capitalized with their miniature quiches, and they are delcious.

Nino’s quiches are just as high in price as they are in ingredients, but when circumstances allow it, I can break the bank and get a quiche from them.  

Next time I buy one, I’ll bake it in the oven instead of slicing up a portion for microwave (you can do either one, BTW). 

If you’re ever in the Metro area, check out Nino’s.  They have some of the best stuff from all over globe.