This diptych features two iconic buildings on Detroit’s westside, one of them in the suburbs just facing the city’s border.  The first one was formerly the DSR (Department of Street Railways) Wyoming Terminal located on the SE corner of Wyoming and Michigan.  The D-DOT Route 54 Wyoming bus still operates in that part of suburbia to this day.  Located on 5170 (or 5000) Wyoming, it originally served as car house for DSR servicing Michigan, Grandbelt, Wyoming, and several other rail (now bus) lines.  No longer a DSR faculty, Truck City Truck Stop now operates the facility.  If you were to drive on Wyoming southbound and briefly look to your left, you’d see on the facade of the rooftop a concrete archlike etching that reads “City of Detroit”. According to, DSR closed the terminal in 1963 and used the half-million dollar profits to pay for two-way radios for a fleet of 1,500 coaches.

Now the second image in the diptych, the DSR (D-DOT) Coolidge Terminal located on 14044 Schaefer Hwy between Lyndon and Schoolcraft.  Originally named after Coolidge Hwy (the original namesake of the terminal), Coolidge was renamed Schaefer Hwy in 1931 between 8 Mile and Bassett.  It was the first terminal to service both streetcars and buses.  Legend has it that Coolidge was the first terminal to open.  Sadly Coolidge was shut down in recent years due to a fire in one of its garages.  And with the imminent closing of the Gilbert Terminal (also on the westside), it’s just a matter of time before Coolidge reopens their doors.  

From what I understand, funding is needed for the restoration of the Coolidge Terminal, and time seems to running out.

But time will tell, it always does.