After work last night, I was working on my Auto Show photos from last week. That said, I was hoping for another Turkey bacon muffin (I’ll save that for a future post), but I had to settle for a Chicken Chipotle.

Succulent, spicy, and very tasty.  Lots of bird, lots of peppers (of various kinds) as well.  I assume the bread was akin to the sourdough family, but the juicy bird had practically overruled the taste of the bread, not to mention the roughage from the green pepper fused into the shredded meat.  I should start using that method more often myself, seeing that I do have a culinary background. 

Next, Youth berry tea.  It had a a nice robust citrusy flavor with “red currants, acai berry, hibiscus and rose petals complete with candied pineapple, mango pieces, Fuji and Golden delicious apples. The taste is timeless” according to the Starbucks website.  I couldn’t agree more.

And just when I thought this was the stuff hot, it tasted even better cold.  I asked the baristas what spirit would go well with this, and one recommended rum (or any other white liquor).  I’ve outgrown rum in my early 30s, and haven’t had it since, but I’ll try anything once.  Just sayin’!

-Personally, I was thinking gin or vodka.

And now, dessert!

Apple fritter.  Love it, especially hot! Only drawback was that there was no ice cream.  Originally I was gonna get the double chocolate cake (maybe next time, God willing), but the apple fritter overrules, no matter where you go, trumps every time!

Now, all delicious entities arranged simultaneously for human consumption!

Wish you were here,