I was at Wendy’s yesterday whilst getting my oil changed at a shop a few doors down.  I was debating between Homestyle Chicken, and Dave’s Double, sufficient to say, the latter won.  

Having worked in the restaurant industry in my younger days, a clean environment as well as properly prepared food is a definite must!

The fries were subpar.  I requested no salt, and no onion for my double cheeseburger.  And washed down with Minute Maid Limeade.  The professionalism of the staff was to die for, the specifics down to the smallest detail, I will definitely be coming back again.  

But there is nothing-nothing-like a burger made fresh.  Wendy’s is one of the few American franchises that always serves their beef fresh, not frozen, there are others.  Five Guys, Brome, to name a couple.  

One thing about burgers.  The fresher, the better, the juicier, the better, the meatier, the better!  Wendy’s never was, nor will they ever be an exception to the rule.

I savoured every single bite.  To the tune where the fries were the first to go, and still had plenty of burger left.  Fresh, juicy, piping hot.

I would not doubt it if-in some cultures, even in some parts of the U.S.-they serve beer at a Wendy’s.  Mickey D’s does in other parts of the world.

I recently got a passport, so don’t be surprised if you see that one day on this blog.

Till next time, my friends.