I am in Bellevue, KY with my girlfriend, my mother, and my girlfriend’s best friend.  At the recommendation of my lady friend, we had a choice between Joe’s Crab Shack and Buckhead. Sufficient to say the latter won.

Today, I did something that in some cultures that’s rare here in the States, I had dessert first, peach cobbler a-la-mode, delicious, delicious, delicious!   I’ll  just show you and you can drool at your own leisure…

Piping hot, and the ice cream was like a giant M&M.  Melts in your mouth, you know the rest of that cliché. 

The Double-Denali!  Nice, juicy, delicious, crispy.  Golden cooked fries with sea salt.  I knew the minute I bit into this nice succulent burger, that I was into Southern heaven.  Medium well-done (I prefer medium-rare, but beggars can’t be choosers, I guess).

After a few good bites, it was a wrap! Reminds me some of the “greasy spoons” that my relatives tell me about to this day.  We don’t have that many in Detroit like we used to, but I cherish the remaining ones we have.

Till next time, for now I’m enjoying my time here in Cincy.