As the missus and I completed the final tour of our anniversary, we dined at Texas de Brazil downtown and we were in for a treat. TDB is a Brazilian-American that’s mostly buffet, and they have various servers who offer samples of the finest meats on iron skewers from rack of lamb, to spicy sirloin, to filet mignon, even the chicken was off the chain!

But first, appetizers!

Fried bananas. Despite my reservations at first, they were very delicious! Wasn’t a fan of them at first, but my mind was changed.

Some mashed potatoes do some buttered bread. I believe we went through more bread than anything else…

And BTW, you do not hit a fancy joint like this and not indulge in some “unclean spirits”! It defies logic. This South American libation is called a “Caipriniha“. Very delicious. Came in either lime, or mango, for strawberry.

And now the buffet…

Lobster Bisque. You just can’t go wrong with this, but wait! Got something better, though…

Had a second helping of some good ol’ “LB”, and I added some “skrimps” to it!

Shrimp, that is.

The buffet was to die for. Cold mashed potatoes, tossed salad (not the other kind, thankfully), sautéed artichokes, smoked salmon (my favourite), croutons, spiced sliced pineapple, and more skrimps! The lobster bisque was a part of the buffet as well!

The various meats that I mentioned at the outset. We ate so much red meat that night let alone this past month, I swear, I’m paying for it now.

These double-sided pads serves as indicators as to whether or not you’d like some extra meat. Green on one side for yes, red for no. I swear the meats were flowing left and right like liquor in a nightclub at midnight!

Check out that tab, baby! Got over $100.00 worth of food for just under fifteen bucks! A brief backstory to this: After we returned from Panama last November, I surprised the wife and told her that I’d like to eat at Texas de Brazil. So I bought some gift cards from Costco. Fast forward twelve months, and the rest is history.

And this is but one of the corridors of the restaurant. If you ever visit Detroit, be sure to check out Texas de Brazil! It’ll put a dent in your wallet, so save your pennies, you’ll thank yourselves later.