As much as I love the Grosse Pointes, as much as I love The Somerset Collection, as much as I love Downtown Birmingham, MI, all of them pale in comparison to Rodeo Drive!

I’ve seen television shows, movies, music videos, even cartoons that feature this iconic strip which is adjacent to both Sunset Blvd and Beverly Hills, and for as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to cruise down this iconic strip.

Rodeo is quite scenic yet very short. What it lacks in distance, it definitely made up for in scenery. The missus drove the Bullet Gray ‘Stang whilst I’ve taken some (crappy) pics with my iPhone. As you can also see, we even drove on Wilshire Blvd as well. Everything in that area located by the Sunset Strip! I told Kretta that the next time we come we gotta have some money saved, a 730 credit rating, and we gotta stay more than a few days! But I’ve no complaints yet. For those few hours on Sunset, Rodeo, and Wilshire, I will take a drive through this any day of the week!

And BTW, Didja hear the Billy Joel Channel being played on SiriusXM in the background?

A few days after coming home to Detroit, I posted on my Facebook page a Crusaders song (which is the namesake of this entry)! My recent trip to Rodeo Drive re-inspired my love for this old-school jam. Now I understand why Joe Sample called this composition “High Steppin‘”! You gotta be in order to afford anything in these parts.

Enjoy the jam!