This picture (not mine, obviously) literally speaks for itself!

Not to play the race card, per se, but black people, esp. our black men, we have got to do better with our lot in life.


West Warren and West Grand Blvd (I know that area well), Detroit’s upper southwest side. A man named Jamal (again, the pic speaks for itself), was “bum-rushed” for flexing his $20,000.00 gold chain at a gas station.


Let that sink in…



20 Stacks

20 Racks

20 Gs

20 Bands

You get the picture!

Feel free to view the video to see further of this unfortunate incident…

Now, my thoughts and opinions on this incident, seeing that this is a plague in the black community…

First of all, I wanna say, that I am not a gambler, I suck horribly at it!

But WHY in God’s name, would you take a 30K lotto win and (please pardon the expression) jack it off for a 20K gold chain?!? That makes no sense to me at all! NONE! I first heard of this on Social Media, and they had a ball with this, Celebs who caught wind of the matter, had a bloody field day with this idiot.

Do you have any idea, ANY FRICKIN’ IDEA of what you or I could do with 30 bands? ESPECIALLY in the inner-city of Detroit (a city that hasn’t been right since the ’67 riots which contributed to the eventual “White Flight” that came to a fever pitch well into the 1990s)? Google it.

But I digress…

30K. You can buy an automobile of any kind fresh off the line, and still have change in your pockets! You can buy a house and rent it out, you can start a business, heck, INVEST THE MONEY into Stash, Credit Karma, WeBull, Robin Hood, and let the money make money for you and get massive dividends for you!

Already I am visualising Dave Ramsey and his co grilling this poor sap once he gets wind of this (I wouldn’t be surprised if he did), likewise with Steve Harvey.

But no, this negro wanted to flex and show off his new gains. This was basically a slap in the face to those in that part of town who are struggling to stay above water as it is. And let’s not forget that there were taxes taken out of that money as well. $30,000.00. A third of that went to taxes (in Michigan, taxes are merciless), and two-thirds of that went to a gold chain. Even if he were to keep that chain, and try to pawn, or sell it, he’d get very little profit from it despite the fact that gold is a good investment. But his ignorance (and stupidity) was truly his undoing in this regard. Most of us who have partial knowledge, at best, about money would have (and utilise) the common sense not to throw away that kinda money! And judging by his appearance, he should’ve taken that money and invested in his health and a much better taste in clothes.

An overweight man in skinny jeans. Skinny jeans? Seriously…? This fool had virtually no idea how unsightly he was looking. Not to mention he was balding and had dreads, and he couldn’t even outrun the the thugs who beat him down and took this goods.

Now thankfully one of the men responsible for the assault, is a wanted felon and his face was clearly seen on the footage. So it’s just a matter of time before he’s behind bars (again). Thankfully it didn’t escalate further, hopefully Jamal has “smartened himself up” after that unfortunate debacle, in other words, let’s hope that he learned from his mistakes and his errors.

Think about this, for all we know, that could’ve been a fake gold chain and he was conned into blowing 20 Stacks on that necklace. I know personally some folks who have 7-8 figure incomes and they don’t flex like that! That kinda money-even in the hood-could’ve been used for something less lavish.

Charles Mingus, one of the baddest bass players in jazz, gave this advice to some young musicians: “…if you must make a fool of yourself, then make a damn fool of yourself.”

Truer words have never been spoken!

Sadly time will not allow me to continue on this. But the number one extrapolation is one my favourite adages that originated in the Bible “a fool and his money are soon parted”!

An example of what not to do when you win money that you didn’t work for…