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Chicken Fried Rice

Only thing missing was the sweet and sour chicken (with shrimp), and either an egg roll of veggie roll. But this was downright delicious! πŸ˜‹ πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Courtesy of the wife, of course. I hope she’s got extra, if not, we can make some more!

No big deal.😎😊


Something I Could GLADLY Do Without!

I stay in St Clair Shores, MI. I live about two square miles west of Lake St. Clair, for about a month or so, whoever stays off the shoreline of the State of Michigan, this is what we have to contend with. Now granted, they’re harmless, but they’re a nuisance! Life expectancy of these creatures once they hatch is 6-72 hours, and they drop like flies (pun intended), and they stink like ’em, too!

Leaving a “fishy” odor. Hence the name, fish fly.

On the one hand, I think to myself “…of all the things God created, why these?!?” But whatever his purpose was for these, I’m certain this ain’t it!

On the other hand, next to Cicadas, esp. in Cincinnati (ask my wife, she’ll tell ya), these insects has some of the shortest life spans on earth.

The most fun I get out of either one of these pests, is that when you drive down the street, it sounds like popcorn fresh out the popper, or when you walk down the street, you hear crunching.

At this point, I don’t know whether to feel bad for the carcasses of these little buggers, or the stank of dead bug life on the soles of my shoes!

I’m willing to hear anyone’s P.O.V. on this.

The Panama Canal

Some great things were made possible because of this place! That’s all I can say for now.

I still have some leftover adventures to share from our trip to Panama.

And more pics of this iconic canal to share as well!

My Top TWO Moneymakers!

The Plymouth Road Runner/GTX from the Fast and Furious franchise, and a Lamborghini Aventador Coupe. Both of which had earned me well over $1,000,000.00 each! Virtual, that is.

I wish I could get paid to play this game for real, I’d never work another day in my life, with the exception of the things that really interest me. And after every million I blow, I bounce back easy!

Where did all that virtual money go, you ask? Upgrades. Paid for through the nose!

And here’s the Road Runner in action against one of the Top Tier Kings, Mr. Shax!

That joker gave me a fight. A real one!

Did anyone notice the custom license plate on the Plymouth? If not, here’s some samples before I made the final decision…

The last one was the final one. My mother once had a ’72 Satellite, and I’ve been in love with it ever since! Next thing I know I see the Road Runner on it.

Put one and one together, what do you get? This was my tribute to the last of Plymouth’s hot rods, though the memories live on. Especially through the F&F franchise.

And now, the Lambo. I will go in further detail later on about how I tweaked it to where I have it now. I will say that I immediately thought about its decades-old predecessor, the Countach. Which, in turn, made me think about the Lambo Twins. Case in point…

Check out the ‘Streaker in action! Would’ve been nice if I could place the Autobot Logo on the deck lid (which is in the front of the car), let alone an custom engine with the covering off! And as a personal tribute, I’ve added my own custom license plate as well! Check this out.

And as a bonus, his twin came later as a prize I’ve won from saving my crates and keys on CSR2. I’ll embellish on that later as well. And here’s Sideswipe!

Yep, the former Lambo and the Plymouth are my top two moneymakers in this game!

Warm Sunny Day in Detroit

Like I said previously, I don’t get to enjoy days like this often, but when I do, I take full advantage of them. And the filter added was very appropriate for this snapshot taken with my iPhone.

Told the missus one day we gotta walk the entire River Walk before the season changes on us.

Glad to see the city coming back, but in order to revive any metropolis, you must first start downtown.

No better time than the present.

The Praying Angel

I recently snapped this picture with my iPhone. My first glance was that this cloud was shaped like the country of France, texted it to my wife, and she said it favoured a praying angel.

So I went with that.

As I write this, I’m just now observing the rays of the sun behind the cloud.

Just a reflection of our creator’s glory. The True God, Jehovah.

Just a mere glimpse of what’s to come, post-Armageddon.

The Alchemist (O Alquimista)

A best-seller by Paulo Coelho, this book was originally published in 1988 in Portuguese, and was published in English in 1993. I do not wish to give this book away (to those who haven’t read it yet), but I’ve stated in a recent list of books I’ve bought that this particular one was a mind over matter process of whatever your desires are, whatever things you want, any wishes and dreams that one entertains hope to come to fruition, it can happen!

It’s all up to the individual. Period.

Like I said, I don’t wanna spoil it for those who’ve yet to read this novel, this book is just as educating, entertaining, and full of suspense as well as it is fictitious. Let’s just say for those who are going through the struggles of everyday life, the distractions, the temporary inconveniences, these are things we have to go through to get what we’re after. Again, it’s all up to that person.

My comprehension from this novel is that life is a process. Has been since creation’s beginning. And once that process has been completed, a whole new way of life begins.

Kind of like transmutation, or in this case, alchemy!

BTW, I intend to reread this book soon. Maybe in another blog entry, I’ll give a more in-depth P.O.V. on it.

Another Detroit Dinosaur…

I miss these guys, I really do. But all good things must come to an end, I guess.

“It’s always savings time at Farmer Jack!”

More to come on this, hopefully.

Monochrome Composition XVI

Camera: iPhone 7 Plus.

Filters: iOS HDR and Mono.

Location: GM Renaissance Center on the River Walk. Downtown Detroit, MI.

Nice way to celebrate this beautiful 4th of July afternoon. Not to mention an off day we’ll-needed, well-deserved. Feels good to be out an about just for a moment, anyway.

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