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Quiche and Chicken!

From Nino Salvaggio International Fruit Market in St Clair Shores just a few miles north of Detroit, I recently purchased a Broccoli and Cheese w/ Peppers quiche pie, along with seasoned chicken breasts.  Slightly high on the sodium, but succulent, delicious, and smooth on the palate.

The only thing, unfortunately, was because I have one more day of work left, I couldn’t wash this down with any libations (booze, that is).  

But fret not, that’s coming soon, real soon.  Got some whiskey and wine in my refrigerator waiting for some consuming.

Growing up, mom made quiche often.  It was very popular in the 80s, fell off the map briefly, and in recent years it made a comeback.  And Trader Joe’s capitalized with their miniature quiches, and they are delcious.

Nino’s quiches are just as high in price as they are in ingredients, but when circumstances allow it, I can break the bank and get a quiche from them.  

Next time I buy one, I’ll bake it in the oven instead of slicing up a portion for microwave (you can do either one, BTW). 

If you’re ever in the Metro area, check out Nino’s.  They have some of the best stuff from all over globe.



Ovengold Turkey sandwich with Chex Mix, tortilla chips, and sunflower seeds washed down with Lemonade flavoured Sparkling Ice.  

The Ovengold Turkey served on multigrained along with Swiss cheese and lettuce.  Nice and crunchy and healthy to say the least.  

Using my abilities to improvise, I used the top of the container the sandwich to pour the mix in. 

Quick, convenient, easy on the wallet.  

And let’s not forget healthy!


Yellow Cake w/ Chocolate Frosting and Strawberries 

A brief dessert.  Something my girlfriend and her client hooked up, a heart-shaped cake that she brought from Cincy to share with my mother and me.  If I was thinking, I would’ve added a scoop of ice cream along with the strawberries that I added.  Due to a lack of time, I wasn’t able to slice the berries as I normally would whenever I have pastries.  I almost bought some short cakes earlier today and that’s when it occurred to me to use the yellow cake instead.

Saved myself a few bucks, that’s for sure.

Besides, this homemade cake was just as good if not better than what they got in the grocery store.


Breakfast Before Work!

French toast with a touch of ground cinnamon, scrambled eggs with cheese on top, and turkey sausage patties.  

I introduced my girlfriend to some of our Coney Island restaurants here in Detroit (she’s from Cincinnati), and needless to say, she was beyond impressed. Originally I wanted to introduce her to Legends on East Jefferson, basically a 50s-style retro joint (their food is BOMB, BTW), but sadly it was closed, so we went to Detroit’s Finest Coney Island which was over a mile east from Legends.

Detroit’s Finest was formerly a state-of-the-art Wendy’s, but after a year or two in existence, it folded and Detroit’s Finest was born.  Now unlike most of the Coneys in Detroit, this one had a retractable garage door leaving access to the patio.

Next time I go (when it’s warmer, hopefully), I’ll have some pics.

But the French toast was on point, the turkey patties were nice and juicy.  My only issue was when I eat scrambled eggs with cheese, I do not use sliced cheese, and if I did, I would cook the cheese in the eggs, the traditional way.  But it was all good.

My girl said she’d definitely come back to Detroit’s Finest.

And because we ordered the breakfast special (i.e. the one pictured above), we got complementary coffee as well, which was also bomb.

Ya gotta be there!  It’s live every time.


Had a Blast 2day!

I was treated to lunch earlier today from my former chiropractor, Dr. KaminskI to Mike N’ E’s in Clinton Township located in the same plaza as his practice.

The good doctor had recommended the chicken tenders, which were fresh, and crunchy down to the last bite along with some cheese waffle fries washed down with lemonade.  The sauces were handmade, everything was fresh from start to finish with the exception of the fountain drinks.  They even served a complementary sugar cookie (haven’t had one of those in well over 25 years). And it was fresh, too!

The chicken was succulent, juicy, savoury, and the waffle fries smothered in cheese was just as good.  The lemonade washed it down just as well.

I wonder if they have chilli chest waffle fries as well.  I’ll find out on my next visit.


Turkey Pinwheels

One of my favourite quick fixes from Kroger, Turkey Pinwheels.  Made with turkey deli slices, spinach, colby jack cheese, and really thin pita bread rolled up and cut into individual bite size sandwiches.  Delcious, convenient for when you don’t have time to pack a lunch for work, it’s basically a get-up-and-go meal, easy on the wallet most of the time.  These came in a half-dozen (six count) package.  I couldn’t resist, so I ate a pack and added some corn chips to the mix.

I’ll  be investing in these more often, and will eventually start making these for myself and others.

Bon Apetit!


Sweet N’ Sour Chicken w/ Crab Wantons

Courtesy of Wong’s Garden in St. Clair Shores right around the corner from me. I don’t eat from here often for obvious reasons i.e. money, time, and of course, eating habits changing in recent years.

But I am never disappointed when I order food from Wong’s.  I ordered a deluxe combo consisting of chicken fried rice, and an egg roll.  Again, delicious.

There are many Chinese restaurants in the Metro Detroit area, and this is one of the few authentic ones (no disrespect to my Asian friends, and hopefully none taken).

And as a tradition, I always have a brew and a dessert to complement this.

If you’re ever in the area, make Wong’s one of your first stops when you’re hungry.  Food is great, easy on the wallet.


Lemon Pepper Wings and Catfish

Courtesy of Captain Jay’s Seafood and Chicken.  A fellow driver recommended Lemon Pepper chicken wings.  Despite my hesitation, I went along with it. Normally when I think of Lemon Pepper, most times fish come to mind, especially baked fish.  But this is the second time I’ve had these Lemon Pepper wings, and I haven’t been disappointed yet.  Along with two pieces of catfish and some fries, coleslaw, tartar sauce, hot sauce, ketchup, and a mix of Raspberry Brisk and Fruit Punch (at my request, of course).

Gotta watch it though.  These wings are very addictive, and eventually these babies will both simultaneously blow up your waistline and drain your wallet. Nice way to undo all this hard work of months of exercise, just saying.

In other words, everything in moderation.

My only complaint-and I’m at fault for this one-was that I forgot to ask for wheat bread.  I got white instead.  I’ll remember it next time.

Only major thing missing was the beer. But, I drive buses, and my drinking days are on my off days.  

I could get used to that kind of discipline!


Mandarin Chicken w/ Tempura Cauliflower 

Last meal for the night.  This time, I decided to stay home and cook instead. With the exception of the beef sausages, and pineapples, the Mandarin Chicken and Tempura Cauliflower come from one of my favourite organic grocery stores, Trader Joe’s.  

I boiled the sausage forst, then cut it up and then cooked the chicken until it was nice and crunchy, baked the cauliflower until it turned golden brown, and added the tempura sauce, and it was spicy, too.

The sausage and pineapples had given the meal more than the proper enhancement needed.  In other words, it was delicious.


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