Chivas Regal

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve been here on WP, but I’ll be brief. It’s been awhile since I last had scotch. Originally, I was gonna buy some Glenlivet, but for some reason, Chivas Regal was calling me out. All I could afford was a pint, so long story short, I asked between Glenlivet and Chivas, which one was the better one seeing that they both come from Scotland. Thankfully, I’ve found out that they were both good! But the drawback was that this 12 year aged scotch from Chivas was not malted, whereas the single malt whiskys, and the double malts (which I don’t think I had yet) are a lot smoother in taste and texture. But Chivas Regal holds its weight well to say the least!



I’ll make this short and sweet. This really wasn’t what I wanted, but for less that six bucks, this was the best that I could do! Sure as heck beats using a coffee tumbler (as if I really need another one)!

All nonsense aside, I can make my own flavored water and not feel guilty about drinking the sugary stuff anymore! I was at the gym earlier tonight, and I’ve seen a lot of people with these things. Even on the job, people swear by them! This is my second week drinking these, and as you can see, I made this one ALL fruit!


April 30 Day Challenge!

I tell ya, being on Instagram has its moments, both good and bad. Being no stranger to doing a 365 Project, I pretty got it licked in itself, but adding the challenges of posting the same pic on TWO social networks, I’m still getting used to that. And NOW doing a 30 Day Project in addition to the 365 is a major challenge. Unlike the 365, you don’t get to choose random subjects. They set a picture per day that you have to adhere to. Don’t ask who “they” is, or are. Don’t know or care at this point.

So the good thing is I can make the 30 Day project a part of my 365, or I can make separate pic of each, I’d rather just have a pic for both at the same time, but sometimes it doesn’t work like that. Like I said above, with my 365, you can choose random subjects, so if I miss a random subject, my 30 day picture will make up for the deficit!

I’m almost at 100 days for the 365, so this might go smooth, it might not. I’m up for the challenge either way.


Spicy Asian Chicken Salad

Still trying to adhere to a healthier lifestyle. I bought a Spicy Asian Chicken Salad at Wendy’s, and yes, I had a small cheeseburger to go with it, but no pop, thankfully! This salad consisted of diced chicken, spiced cashews, with a pomegranate vinaigrette! How was it? Tasty!

Yes, it’s obvious that I’m persistent-or at least trying to be-in eating right.


The Old Homestead

Driving through here has some bittersweet memories. This was my first home from Detroit. The former Meadowdale Apartments-later Meadowdale Condominiums-in Clinton Township. I drove through here and it’s a ghost town in this part of Clinton. And where I resided was at the foot of Gratiot Ave when it divided into two separate streets. Once Parkway Chrysler-Jeep left the neighbourhood, it dried up. Tried to visit some of my old neighbors, and they’ve all moved away.

A sad sight to see, literally. In recent years, I’ve expressed a strong desire to move back, but certain parts of Clinton has declined this past decade. Perhaps it was a good thing that I left after all! Really sad though…


Vegetable & Fontiago Breakfast Sandwich

I was in for a treat at Starbucks. A vegetarian sandwich called “Vegetable & Fontiago”. It was a mix of egg, or egg whites with spinach mixed in with some other plant(s), on a sourdough bun, or something akin to it. Washed it down with an Earl Grey Tea and had a pair of shortbreads to go with them. The sandwich was stupendous to say the very least. Still learning new things as far as health and fitness go. I haven’t been to the gym in almost a week, but ironically, I’ve been keeping a tight leash on my diet and went for a walk to make up for my not making it to the gym. Having said that, this vegetarian pantry has given me a brand new outlook on life. For the past few weeks, I’ve eaten and cooked vegetarian foods, cut down on alcohol, cut down on pop, eaten more fruits, drank more water, esp. since I was turned on to infusions recently. I’ve gone through many changes since this year began and I hope to continue to make changes for the better.

To your health,




The weather has finally broken, and hopefully we have seen the last of this snow! As I went for a walk on a suburban high school track, I never take for granted the good graces of public facility, as well as my health, seeing that I am over a year shy of forty, I’m beginning to see things differently than what I’ve been accustomed to previously.

My thoughts vary this evening. Subjects from where am I gonna move to next year, if possible. How I’m gonna get a new camera by the year’s end, whether or not I wanna get married, how am I gonna successfully go into business, as well as maintain a spiritual routine of bible study as well as bible reading and being more active in the ministry. Having said all that, with Spring in blossom, I see a lot of opportunity for growth in both a spiritual, financial, and of course a physical way.

So many things that I wish to express at this time, but as always, when my mind is filled with so much, time can only go so far at this point. Thankfully with the convenience if my iPhone, I can blog at virtually any time, such as right now. Another convenience that I will never take for granted!


Leap of Faith…

I guess my mind is finally made up. I wanna work for myself! I’ve been seeing folks follow their dreams and were successful at it, yet I’ve lacked courage and conviction about the matter. Being a photographer, and writer as well as designer, those are but a few of my strong points. There are many abilities that I possess, but I can only work with the ones that can put food on the table as well! Long story short, I’m getting nowhere at this point in time, so that leaves me one final option: do something else!

And that’s what I’m gonna do, if the will of God allows it.



I’ll keep this short. Someone from the congregation recommended that I cook my slab of salmon with the following ingredients. So here they are!

One whole slab of salmon
One pinch of thyme and two or three of garlic powder
Smother mustard on the fish with some ground lemon pepper.

Cook at 400 degrees for 20 minutes after the fish has been thawed. Enjoy!

And BTW, I did eat this left handed.


I. Am. Blown. AWAY!

Man, of all things I’ve tried my hand at over the years, this has got to be one if the few that I stayed with. For the past few weeks that I’ve been training my left hand, I have accomplished the following: writing the alphabet in small and large letters, eating with and without flat/silverware, writing the daily logs at work, doing the monthly inventory at work, signing in at various Planet Fitness locations, eating Japanese food with chopsticks, signing my name, writing sentences, poetry, scriptures, quotations, paragraphs and eventually full pages, drinking, surfing the web, even drawing basic shapes, and many other things that time will not allow me to go into at present. But again, like the list you just read, I am proud to add programming my wireless mouse to left handed use to it! Shockingly I took to it like a fish to water. Having said that, with the secrets that were unlocked about myself (and my twin) in recent years, I have-and will continue to, if the will of God wishes it-take(n) the liberties to unlock more!


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