A wanderlusting visionary from Detroit. Suburban resident, businessman in the making, bodybuilder in the making, photographer, writer, designer, poet. Artistic, creative, critical, and analytical thinking person all in one. Cross-dominant (not to be confused to "Ambidextrous"), left-handed most times, twin (R.I.P. my bro), devout JW, I'm a loner until you get to know me a WHOLE lot better…

4-Cheese Pizza w/ Apple Chicken Sausage

Every you see here is courtesy of Aldi’s! Good, delicious, tasty. Bon appetit`! Namaste.

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Brioche Cheeseburgers!

Ground Beef c/o Aldi, Brioche Buns c/o Kroger’s Private Selections, Shredded Cheddar c/o Aldi, Curry Powder, Basil, and Smoked Paprika c/o Trader Joe’s, Miracle Whip, Heinz 57, and Trader Joe’s … Continue reading

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Gentleman Jack!

The title says it all, baby!  Now I’m more of a Scotch man, but every now and then I’ll switch up, be it Kentucky Bourbon, Irish, Tennessee (like the picture … Continue reading

2015/11/06 · 2 Comments

It’s A Great Day In Detroit!

After work one afternoon I decided to hang out at the River Walkway downtown, and take some shots.  Again, as I’ve said in the past, as a photographer, things find you! … Continue reading

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Wasting Away Again In…

…Aboritaville!  No lost shaker of salt, I opted not to use it. Any who, I finally mustered up the courage to try out this Arborita from Arbor Mist.  And I must say … Continue reading

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The Phoenix is Rising…

I haven’t seen downtown Detroit become this vibrant in thirty years.  Much has changed.  This pic explains it.  Originally this pic didn’t turn out the way I had planned, but … Continue reading

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Fenkell Avenue

Fenkell Avenue.  Five Mile Road.  The Fenkell Strip. I’ve never resided on a westside street a day in my life, but I do have a history with it.  As oxymoronic … Continue reading

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Cheese Stuffed Meatballs!

All I can tell ya is Google/YouTube this subject. Other than that, from what I saw on Facebook recently, despite missing one or two ingredients i.e. chopped onion and pepper, … Continue reading

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Another Autumn Shot.

River Rouge Park. Detroit, MI Shot with a Nikon D3000 w/out lens filter. This is but one of many Autumn shots that I plan to take before the weather breaks. … Continue reading

2015/10/07 · 1 Comment

Make Every Second COUNT!

The above image says everything that needs to be said about the things I love the most.  Being a photographer/artist and businessman in the making, taking the time during my … Continue reading

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