A wanderlusting visionary from Detroit. Suburban resident, businessman in the making, bodybuilder in the making, photographer, writer, designer, poet. Artistic, creative, critical, and analytical thinking person all in one. Cross-dominant (not to be confused to "Ambidextrous"), left-handed most times, twin (R.I.P. my bro), devout JW, I'm a loner until you get to know me a WHOLE lot better…

Some Good Ol’ Southern Eatin’!

Folks, let’s just dive into it.  This pic speaks for itself.  Fried whiting, seasoned grits, scrambled eggs with cheese.  The only thing missing was some booze to wash this down with.  Nothing … Continue reading

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Somewhere In Rural Kentucky…

First of all, due to circumstances that were beyond my control, I’m a day late on my 365, as well as daily blog.  So with that being said, I plan … Continue reading

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This 1 Speaks 4 Itself!

Finally, after six months (maybe longer) living here, I’ve gotten my second bedroom cleaned up!  As I get older, I try to be more organized, and live a more clutter-free … Continue reading

2015/03/19 · 2 Comments

Chair Porn!

I recently saw a blog from a fellow follower, and he posted pics of chairs on his page from another store, and immediately I was compelled to take a picture … Continue reading

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Just a little over a week before Mary’s passing, I went solo on my safaris downtown remaining optimistic (but to no avail, evidently) that she would pull through for a … Continue reading

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An Upgrade!

Well, I really didn’t wanna do it, but this past year my camera was giving me some major grief.  And as I explained in brief in a previous blog entry, that it … Continue reading

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Florence and Normandy!

For years, I’ve heard rappers rap about “Florence and Normandy” in their native Los Angeles.  Little did I realise that we had one here in Detroit as well.  I first … Continue reading

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I really don’t know what to call this one.  I was doing some shooting around in my former hometown of Mt. Clemens, and for some odd reason, this shoe attracted my eye. … Continue reading

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Some of my best work since the year began.  Some of it has been retweeted, reblogged, favourited, and quoted.  If I put any of these on Pinterest, they might be … Continue reading

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The Pastimes Of The Gods… (Next 2 Beer)!

Eco-friendly, convenient, and you can even get discounted fill-ups at your local Starbucks.  Next to beer, coffee is the pastimes of the gods indeed! I’ve had this baby for over … Continue reading

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This pic speaks for itself. 'Nuff said!
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