Bus Driver by occupation,pro photographer, businessman in the making, wannabe musician, amateur designer/artist/writer/poet, a native of Detroit now living in Suburbia. Here is where I pretty much unwind whatever's on the brain.

Monochrome Composition, Part VI

My 2015 Chevy Malibu LT (almost three years strong, BTW)

Shot with my iPhone 7 Plus.

Filters: iOS HDR w/ iOS Monochrome.


Breakfast @ The Clique!

A well-known mom-and -pop joint in the heart of Downtown Detroit, The Clique Restaurant on East Jefferson. It’s real easy to miss, but once you see it, you can’t ignore it. A lot of city workers-myself included-have made it their haven over the years. And many of Detroit’s politicians and media outlets frequented this joint then, and some still do today.

With that said, let’s just dive into the good eatin’ that my wife and I scarfed down. And BTW, when I first introduced my wife to this joint, she’s been in love with it ever since!

Now, the grub:

Their Silver Dollar Pancakes. As small as they are, these babies pack a wallop for its flavor.

Grits and cheddar cheese, along with a chicken breast omelette, with some hot sauce sprinkled on it.

Next time you’re in Detroit, be sure to check out this iconic diner on the corner of Rivard and Jefferson (on the southeast corner).

All gone! Will be back again.

Just a Quick Heads-up…

What my blog will consist of (Sorry, folks, no picture today):

  1. Mainly photography (as well as other art forms).
  2. Writings i.e. short stories, poetry, my P.O.V. on things going on locally as well as nationally (basically current-events).
  3. Occasional book reviews (a recommended read as well).
  4. Occasional food and drink recipes/reviews.
  5. Restaurant reviews.
  6. Travel.
  7. Religion and politics (kept at minimum-the latter for the most part).
  8. Adventures (see #6).
  9. Occasional rants and ramblings about some dumb and petty stuff (even the ghetto stuff, yes, I went there).
  10. I will keep my entries as clean as possible (though you mind see a potential bomb [or two] thrown in with “excuse my French/language”, just to let you know).
  11. STRICTLY SFW (safe for work)!
  12. Automobiles. Esp. the classic American hot rods.
  13. Local goings-on in the Detroit area.
  14. Anything dealing with transit/CDL driving.
  15. Anything dealing with computers (Apple for the most part).
  16. Aphorisms and algorithms dealing with everyday life.
  17. Occasional philosophy (see #7).
  18. Finance and business (been brushing up on that lately seeing that I majored in it in recent years).
  19. Health, exercise, and fitness.
  20. My (positive) ranting about married life.
  21. The constant changes that the world is going through.
  22. I may even consider starting a podcast…
  23. Some dry/warped/distorted humour.
  24. Some past adventures that have yet to see the light of day on the blog, and maybe some deleted posts that I may resurface.

This list is subject to change at any time.

And one last thing for now: This blog was created for edutainment (education and entertainment) purposes. Definitely the latter for the most part.

Monochrome Composition, Part V

Softbox setup. Shot with my iPhone 7 Plus.

Filters: iOS HDR, monochrome green courtesy of PS Express.

Depth of Field and Rule of Thirds definitely complement one another in this image.

Eat @ Fat Crabs!

Oh boy, have I got something to share this afternoon! On the first day that we got some good weather in the OBX, I was craving some mad, seafood! My wife looked up a surf-and-turf restaurant between our rental home and the Currituck Beach Lighthouse. Fat Crabs in Corolla, NC. Best yet so far…

Just to set the tone, I had a bowl of clam chowder, I dug into it immediately (sorry folks, no picture of it, maybe next time)!

But here’s what I had…

Clams, oysters, mussels, mac-n-cheese, hush puppies (I haven’t had hush puppies in a good long time)! I was eating like a king, baby! No turf, just surf! And I was surfing my butt off, too! Case in point: The pic above with the food, now you see it…

Now you don’t! And that empty bowl was the clam chowder I had as well.

So the next time you’re in the OBX, and you’re in the borough/in the island of Corolla, be sure to check out Fat Crabs.

You won’t be disappointed (unless you’re expecting margaritas, which they don’t serve due to a lack of a liquor license), it’s worth every single penny just being there!


God’s beautiful creation that brighten one’s day indeed.

Shot at Costco, iOS HDR, untouched.


Our final day in the OBX. Back in Detroit (St Clair Shores).

Can U C The Stars…?

Something I tried to shoot with my iPhone. I guess you have to blow this image up to see them. Even though I shot this in the dead of night, I didn’t have the proper lens for my Canon 70D needed to get that “Milky Way” picture.

In spite of the fact that something actually did come from this shot, I can’t tell whether I’m seeing grain or stars. I’ll say this, tho; The stars were very numerous to say the least.

Further proof that there is a creator of the universe around us!

Winding down…

It was nice while it lasted. But I have much more to share after this…

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