A wanderlusting visionary from Detroit. Suburban resident, businessman in the making, bodybuilder in the making, photographer, writer, designer, poet. Artistic, creative, critical, and analytical thinking person all in one. Cross-dominant (not to be confused to "Ambidextrous"), left-handed most times, twin (R.I.P. my bro), devout JW, I'm a loner until you get to know me a WHOLE lot better…

Life Between The Notes!

Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick.  I’ve been a fan of his since the early 90s. One of the founding members of Incognito, a well-known neo-jazz band from the 80s.  He has released … Continue reading

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Two Buck Chuck!

Charles Shaw.  A well-known winery in California.  If anyone’s been reading/following my blog in recent months, Pinot Grigio has been my wine of choice this past year.  For years, I … Continue reading

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More Paintings Comin’ Soon!

One of my newest hobbies, painting.  Already I’ve placed paintings in my front room and kitchen, now I’m gonna place some upstairs.  This has been a form of therapy for … Continue reading

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I’ll be very clear and to the point about this… I was recently in Birmingham, Michigan looking for something to shoot despite the inclement weather.  I stumbled across a marketing … Continue reading

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A.!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Brew Town, Beer City, “The Mil”, MKE.  I have not been here since December 1992.  I was seventeen at the time on holiday visiting relatives.  Whilst time will … Continue reading

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Downtown Birmingham, Mi.

Having some time to kill, I went uptown and shot some parts of downtown Birmingham.  Eight miles north of uptown Detroit, I wanted to get some really good shots.  This … Continue reading

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Not Much Today…

Internet’s down, can’t download my 365 pic for the day, so I’m stuck blogging on my phone tonight.  I know the weather is still inclement, but not as bad as … Continue reading

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Old Faithful (Gotta Put ‘er Down)!

By the time you read this, this thing will be consigned to the garbage.  I’ve had this SD card well over three years, and it has served me very well, … Continue reading

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Joe The Fisherman

I was privileged to take a picture of a fisherman named Joe who allowed me to shoot him and a catfish that he had caught.  That thing was strong, too! … Continue reading

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I'll admit, that's gotta be the best handbag ever designed.  A huge thanks to @pinz_and_needlz.  And YES the phone actually works!
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