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Close, But No Cigar…

Pretty much so with all the political uproar these past few weeks.  Because of my religious background, I don’t get involved in politics, and I’m glad, too. It’s just a colossal mess right now.  Now the picture that you see here was a proposal to consolidate all transit companies into the RTA  (Rapid Transit Authority).  Longtime Bus companies i.e. D-DOT  (Detroit Department of Transportation), SMART (Suburban Mobility Authority of Regional Transportation), and The Ride (which is situated in Ann Arbor, MI.

I recently attended a union meeting downtown (somebody shoot me, they are such a waste of time), and I went there mainly for the RTA, but that was the least of the agendas there.  But the issues with schools closing, and City jobs being threatened, had dominated the majority of the meeting.  The RTA had barely gotten a word in edgewise due to a-please pardon my language here-a pissing contest between two councilwomen and an angry mob. Clearly a no contest decision there.

Then came the RTA’s turn to speak.  Not good because in spite of other issues that Detroit is going through, that made the people already there even more upset. Needless to say, the meeting had say spilled into overtime, and even I was losing my patience.  Everything had sounded good with the consolidation of companies including the M1 Railway, a train line connecting Detroit to Ann Arbor, even the People Mover was involved in the project.  I, personally, was in favour of it until I found out days later that three out of four counties (Wayne, Washtenaw, and Oakland) were in favour of it, and the one (Macomb) opposed it nearly two-to-one, so the RTA deal-despite D-DOT receiving new routes-had fallen through.

Which might I’ve been a good thing because I found out even further that the RTA was designed to be a takeover of all the transit companies in the quadrant mentioned above.  Good thing I didn’t cast my vote after all, I might be been out of a job.

But I am certain that we will regionalize eventually like the majority of the other major American cities.  It’s just that now’s not the time.  

But then, this is Detroit we’re talking about here.  When is the right time to receive anything?  We always get the last of everything as it is.

Yet the Phoenix is rising…

So something may yet come to pass one day.

Wishful thinking.


Battle of the Gins

To all the gin connoisseurs out there, which one of these two are the better one, cause they’re both good.  Personally I’m a vodka person, and I’ve had gin many times before.  But I’m already being drawn to this vintage spirit.  Being a self-taught bartender, I’ve made many dry martinis, Long Islands, and the most popular of them all, gin and juice. Orange juice, that is.  

But believe it or not, I’ve never had gin and tonic before.  Maybe one day I’ll try it out.  And BTW, as much as I like Bombay Sapphire, Tanqueray beats it by a hair!


Working out at home.

On days that I may not have an opportunity to hit the gym.  This little investment was worth it.  Being over 40, I’m beginning to take my health a little more seriously.  So I invested in a yoga mat, three-cord resistance band, and an exercise ball.  Sufficient to say, they’re very efficient and convenient.  My biggest challenge now is trying to watch what I eat, and drinking more water.  I still hit either Planet Fitness or L.A. Fitness for inspiration.  One of the  last times I went to the gym, despite haven’t been seen there in months, sone of the folks I’d see even noticed my progress. 

I’ve seen amputees, people on oxygen tanks, wheelchairs, canes, crutches, in the gym just straight up killing it.  I’m no where near in those conditions, and yet I get my inspiration from them.  So with that in mind, I have no excuses.

Not even one!


Autobot Tracks

Yep, at 41 I’m still at it.  Collecting Transformers.  And being a fan of the Corvette in the early 80s before they slimmed it down, made it even more fascinating.  

This particular robot is named Tracks.  Favoured after the early 1980s Corvette Stingray, he was encountered by a teenage car thief/breakdancer named Raoul.  And what was supposed to be a quick boost had turned out to more than the young punk had bargained for.  Long story short, the gangsters he was working for had offered him some money to boost cars, and they shortchanged him, and Tracks had made himself known.  With a distinctive, mild Bostonian accent, he was no stranger to NYC where the meeting between him and Raoul had taken place.

The ever so vain Autobot in robot form. He’s just as arrogant and as vain as Sunstreaker from the previous season of Transformers.  He was slated to appear in the 1986 Motion Picture, but that part of the plot had fallen through.  Although his stay on the original series was a very short one, he remains of the most popular G1 (generation one) characters.


And one last pic of Tracks, Raoul, and fellow Autobot Blaster.


Open House, Part II!

Well, as promised, I have some more pics from the open house in the West Village from last Thursday, and sufficient to say that the images speak for themselves.  Only a few of these I’ll post here, and the rest will be on Facebook shortly.  Just further proof that the City is rising back up, it’s just a matter of time.




I’ve always said that if I ever move back to the city, West Village would definitely be one of my choices.


Octoberfest by Sam Adams

Originally a pic for my daily photo journal, and apparently a bit late on it. But I wanted to post this before the year’s over.  Sufficient to say, “mission accomplished”.  Haven’t had beer from Sam Adams in quite some time, let alone beer during Oktoberfest.  Let’s just say that our New English neighbours never cease to amaze me.  And in some stores, there’s still some available.  It’s delicious.



Located in Detroit’s upper east side, and has stood the true test of time.  You could say that this restaurant is equivalent to Cheers in Boston.  Their motto is “steak by the ounce”.  For years many friends of mine had insisted that I check this place out.  I try to hit the local pubs when both circumstances and finances allow it.  So with all that in mind, I’ll just dive right into it.  Lots of food, lots of pictures.  And since this is my cheat day, why not splurge a little?

For an appetizer, some mozzarella sticks.

And the most appropriate drink for my steak, some Cabernet Sauvignon.  

The Wednesday Special consisting of a 12 oz. steak, spaghetti and meat sauce, and a slice of garlic bread. Delicious!

And now for dessert.  Apple pie a la mode.  Again, this being my cheat day, they gave me so much food, most of it I couldn’t finish, but it was good.

Last, but not least, a top shelf Cosmo made with Grand Marnier Liqueur. Again, tasty.  But both drinks were good, though I did not finish them.  So I don’t feel too bad about it.  

But if you’re ever in Detroit, be sure to check out Capers.  One of the best neighbourhood eateries.


A Modern INconvenience

They say that kindness goes a long way, and for the most part, it really does.  But in this particular case, it was a hit and miss situation.  

Being a bus driver, it’s a stressful yet rewarding occupation.  Today’s adventure was no different.  I had a gentleman ride my bus not once, but twice earlier today.  And he had lost some contents on my coach.  Long story short, this poor soul had searched high and low for his bag of contents, and we both missed them.  I informed him where to go and make a report, and right after I dropped him off downtown, on my layover, and guess what I saw…

THE man’s stuff!  And I had just alighted him at the transit center.  Bad timing at its worst, man!  Jeans, a T-shirt, and a very expensive phone charger.  He was more concerned about he charger than anything else.  And judging by its design, he paid good money for it.  I eventually turned it in to our lost and found at the terminal.  I hope he recovers his property soon.  I hate to see him go through the trouble of purchasing another charger.

And here’s the funny part.  At the end of every trip, I check the coach for stowaway passengers, and in plain sight, I see the man’s package.  A modern inconvenience indeed.  Wow.  

If I had only been just a few seconds on point, I could’ve avoided this cat-and-mouse game, and this gentleman could’ve avoided letting his entire day go to waste over a lost sack with only one precious item inside, save two.  Again, in clear view that package was.

It’s amazing.  We search high and low for something, only to miss the obvious where let least expect it!


Open House, Part I


First of all, I cannot get over the quality of the clarity of my new Canon 70D (yes, I’ve finally switched back to Canon after years of speculation).  Now I have muster up the courage to shoot RAW again.  But with all that in mind, I stumbled across a link on Facebook about an open house being held in Detroit’s West Village (Google it or find it on WikiPedia).  So I jumped at the chance to break in my new Canon and start snapping away. Let’s just say that what I saw was quite stupendous to say the least.  By the time (anyone) reads this, I am in the middle of editing the pictures right now so I can email them to the manager/salesman.

They say never judge a book by its cover.  How true that is!  In a city that has so much crime and blight, Detroit truly has some hidden gems.  It’s up to you-as well as myself, a Detroit native-to find them.

Part 2 coming soon.


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