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R.I.P., Fink!😢

Longtime ring announcer Howard Finkel AKA “The Fink” has died last week. One of World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) first and oldest employees since the World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF) owned by the late Vince McMahon, Sr. in the late 1970s. A Hall of Famer, his contributions to the wrestling world speak for themselves.

Time will not allow me to say the things that have already been about Fink. One thing that was very distinctive was his booming voice-esp. when a championship had changed hands! Case in point: “The winner of the bout, and NEWWWWW World/intercontinental/US/Tag Team Champions…”, and you heard a louder “pop” (crowd reaction) even before the winner’s name(s) was announced. This gentleman had an impact.

I will not go into some angles that Vince McMahon, Jr. or his writers had him involved in, to me, they were pretty much forgettable. But he made wrestling worth watching. Many tributes were made from both wrestlers and the fans. And like the superstars, Fink, too, was a part of our childhood. We was in as much anticipation of whom Fink would announce as we were in expectation of who won or lost the match.

Sidebar: I grew up in the 80s and early 90s as a wrestling fan, and around ‘89 (or ‘90), there was an article every Friday in the paper that would reveal some of the “dirtsheets” as to whom Vince, Jr would crown the winners of the events coming up-some of these were months-a year at the longest. While it was a dime-a-dozen at the time that this kinda information would be public knowledge, it was always good to have the upper hand during PPV (pay per view) who won or lost while the other kids remained oblivious to the outcome of the match. I wouldn’t be surprised if some kids had a hustle going on about pro wrestling back then.

Again, Mr. Finkel’s accomplishments speak for themselves. Having retired due to recent health issues last year, he was still honoured by his peers in Sports Entertainment. His voice is silenced, but his legacy lives on.

Another sidebar: Google/YouTube Howard Finkel’s announcements, and if you’re subscribed to the WWE Network, need I say more on that?

Rest well, Mr. Finkel. And thank you for making wrestling enjoyable for both children and adults.

Monochrome 100


Subject:  Starbucks

Location:  New York, NY, Las Vegas, NV

Camera:  Canon 70D

Filters:  Ribbet Photo Editing, Double B/W Layering

Monochrome #99


Subject:  Whiskey and a book

Location:  At home in quarantine

Camera:  iPhone 7 Plus

Filter:  iOS Light Adjustment and Mono

Monochrome #98


Subject:  Skywalk

Location:  Downtown Las Vegas

Camera:  Canon 70D

Filters:  Ribbet online photo editing, B/W

Monochrome #97


Subject:  Selfie in an elevator

Camera:  Canon 70D

Filters:  Ribbet photo editing, B/W and Infrared Film

Location:  Las Vegas, NV

Monochrome #96


Subject:  Los Angeles Skyline

Camera:  Canon 70D

Location:  Griffith Observatory

Filters:  Ribbet, B/W filters, LA film filtering, double-layer B/W

NOTE:  This is one of the untouched/uncropped shots that I’ve taken of the skyline.  Here’s a cropped version.


Monochrome #95


Subject:  Corridors

Camera:   Canon 70D

Location:  Downtown Las Vegas

Filters:  Ribbet online photo editing, w/ double filtering plus High Dynamic Range

The Chandelier Bar in Las Vegas (DSLR Pics)


During my brief foot trek on the Vegas Strip, I stopped by this posh bar called “The Chandelier”, and believe me, “posh” is an understatement.  Located in The Cosmopolitan, a shopping mall so high-end, it makes The Somerset Collection look like the ghetto (and those who know me personally know that I love me some Somerset Collection), but that’s neither here nor there!  With that said, the following images are very, very self-explanatory to say the least.  This lounge (it’s more of a lounge than a bar-one of the best  lounges out west) is a three-tiers/three-floors tall with literal chandeliers covering the tiers-some individually, others collectively…IMG_6032-edit-watermarked


As you can see, the tiers are between the multiple floors of the mall with the chandeliers peering towards the storefronts leaving a partially clear view.  The rosy glow is very apropos for the time of night.  But in Vegas, expect the unexpected.  Like I said, this would give Somerset some major competition.


Again, you can see the three tiers between the dual floors of the mall.  Whoever envisioned this has/had exceptional taste.  Sidebar info:  I bought a CD in ’98 called “Stirred at the Martini Lounge” by Gordon Sheard (in recent years, it’s been reissued and renamed “Girls Night Out”).  With the exception of being openly exposed to a shopping mall, this place and the music mentioned just now (or something related) go hand in hand…


And for the ladies who pride themselves on wearing stiletto heels.  The giant shoes here are very popular.  The next time I swing around (if we can escape this COVID-19 anytime soon), I’ll snap some shots of the other shoes there as well.  I posted this on Instagram (shot with my iPhone) and got a moderate response.  As long as I din’t get “unwanted” attention, I was good as far as that’s concerned.


And a close-up of the chandelier, just a few, literally a few out of many!


Monochrome #94


Subject:  Shopping Mall

Location:  The Shops at Crystals, LV, NV.

Camera:  Canon 70D

Filters:  Multiple B/W layers c/o of Ribbet (an online photo editing website/mobile app)

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