Bus Driver by occupation,pro photographer, businessman in the making, wannabe musician, amateur designer/artist/writer/poet, a native of Detroit now living in Suburbia. Here is where I pretty much unwind whatever's on the brain.

A Night In Ann Arbor, MI

After our dinner at Tomokun, the missus and I decided to stroll about in the downtown are of A2 (one of Ann Arbor’s many nicknames), and even though Time was short, we took advantage of some photo ops in the area. Seeing that it’s been almost seven years since I’ve been in the area, it only apropos to get reacquainted and introduce my wife to certain parts of “Ace Deuce”.

The historic Michigan Theater in the heart of A2.

The State Theater.

Nickels Arcade along with its shops. BTW, love that lamp! Reminds of of how beautiful some of the streets of Detroit used to be before urban blight set in…

More to come, the adventures continue…

Monochrome Composition XXI

Subject: Streetlamp

Location: Detroit, MI

Camera: iPhone 7 Plus

Filters: iOS HDR and Mono w/ a touch of B/W

I Don’t Think So…

Another 90s flop. Yet they keep bringing it back. Even decades ago, it was seasonal. I didn’t know it at the time.

Dinner Date @ The HopCat!

Dinner date with wifey. Introduced her to The HopCat for the first time. Needless to say, she enjoyed herself.

What you see here is a stuffed Swiss mushroom cheeseburger topped with fried onions, and a side order of Sloppy Joseph (basically Crack Fries with sloppy joe on top). Very, very tasty!

And now, the beer I washed it down with, seeing that we’re in the Octoberfest season, both my wife and I sampled a few beers before agreeing with which Octoberfest brew we were gonna get:

Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfest Marzen. Good stuff, to say the least.

If you ever come to Detroit, be sure to check out The HopCat, home of over 30 original taps, located in Detroit’s Midtown, you won’t be disappointed!


I don’t why, but they always sell this stuff in September instead of October. Either way, it’s delicious-especially this time of year.

Check out this link to find out more!

BTW, my streak was broken again! But I’ll bounce back.

I recently bought a 12-pack from Kentucky. So I’ll touch more on this subject at a later time. Hopefully before or during the month of October, God willing.

STILL the Pussycats!

I mean, COME ON, DETROIT LIONS! 48-17?!!

You virtually gave that game away!😖😡😫

You guys SUCK!

I watched the Cincinnati Bengals beat the living turd outta the Indianapolis Colts and they blew ’em out!

How come you couldn’t do that with New York?!?

You guys ain’t been the same since Barry Sanders, and he carried your sorry (behinds)!

You guys suck, you’re terrible, you have no intestinal fortitude! And you sure as heck have none below the belt…

You guys truly are the Pussycats, minus the “cats”!

I’m done here, people. I think I’ll stick with Cincy.

BTW, the second image above is not mine. I wouldn’t claim it if it was….

Um… I’m Not Gonna Hold my Breath!

Just let that one sink in for a minute. And I’m just speaking to Michiganders here either native or those who’ve migrated here up north.

I’m not a voter,

I do not support man-made governments despite some good they’ve accomplished throughout history, they’ve been a total failure,

You wanna impress me with new roads, spend our tax dollars and buy some real, long-lasting materials so our road don’t have to be closed down and congested on a frequent basis,

And for the record, I said that I’d make it a rare thing that I talk politics on my blog.

All I got to say about our streets being fixed is Time will tell.

I do agree with the catchphrase. It’s very laughable, but again, time will tell!

Circular Logic

Just some practice shots I’ve taken with my iPhone recently. Tried my hand at Live/HDR photography as well central perspective with one circle, and three-point perspectives with the other one.

Depending on where you stand, the algorithms in the light and the circles speak for themselves.

For some reason, something about shiny metals and fluorescent lightning if designed the right way has always attracted me. In other words, it could be anything from light fixtures to an appliance to an automobile.

I think about my 2015 Malibu. In spite of the fact that’s virtually obsolete, the sleekness and elegance of it still turns heads to this day. Now granted, it ain’t no Camaro, but it’s just as beautiful, nearly as fast, and just as attractive.

But that’s my inner artist talking.

It ain’t gonna shut up anytime soon!

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