Bus Driver by occupation,pro photographer, businessman in the making, wannabe musician, amateur designer/artist/writer/poet, a native of Detroit now living in Suburbia. Here is where I pretty much unwind whatever's on the brain.

Monochrome Composition 40

Subject: National Coney Island

Camera: iPhone 7 Plus

Filters: iOS HDR and Mono with Light Adjustments

Location: Roseville, MI

BONUS: Originally a Suzie Q from the 1950s and later a Dimitri’s Restaurant. And the silo used to rotate until National bought the eatery.


Monochrome Composition 39

Subject: International Logo (on a steering wheel)

Camera: iPhone 7 Plus

Filters: iOS HDR and Mono

Location: Fraser, MI

Monochrome Composition 38

Subject: Abandoned Kmart

Camera: iPhone 7 Plus

Filters: Light Adjustment with iOS HDR and Mono

Location: St Clair Shores, MI

Monochrome Composition 37

Subject: Mirrors

Camera: iPhone 7 Plus

Filters: iOS HDR and Mono w/ Light Adjustment

Location: Eisenhower High School. Utica, MI

BONUS: On a field trip

Monochrome Composition 36

Subject: Doorjamb

Camera: iPhone 7 Plus

Filters: iOS HDR and Mono

Location: St Clair Shores, MI

BONUS: Lots of Depth of Field in this one. So much it overrules the Rule of Thirds! Not to mention the 3-point perspective.

Monochrome Composition 35

Subject: Tractor

Camera: iPhone 7 Plus

Filters: iOS HDR and Mono along with Light Adjustment

Location: Real Life Daycamp and Farm, Canton, MI


A recent pic I’ve taken of in between the schools I service. I had about 20 minutes to kill so I took the time to reflect on The Almighty’s hand in action.

What better way than to I serve the formation of the cloud patterns in the sky.

Fictitious, yet Simple Logic…

Took me awhile to get the gist of this line from Star Trek 3 (the original ST3, I might add). After many Google searches, I’ve only found a few meanings that I was looking for and then my INFJ had kicked in and I’d discovered that this was very self-explanatory to say the least.

Long story short, I’ll give the short version.

The key words are: “overthink” and “stop up”. They go hand in hand (or “six in one, half-dozen the other”). But after meditating on that line from ST3, it dawned on me that when one overthinks a situation, he/she gives more attention to a situation than needed, or productive. And as a result, overthinking a matter “stops up”, or hinders further progress from other important things that could be accomplished.

In other words, don’t pay so much attention to one thing that you lose sight of the other things, and you hold up your own progress, or the progress of others.

Hence the adage posted.

The beauty of this is this can be taken both in a figurative, and literal sense.

And there are some principles in The Bible that complements this as well. Maybe I’ll touch on them later.

Miss This Place Already!

Yep, I miss the OBX a great deal. But I’m glad I’m not there now seeing that Hurricane season has spread to that region now.

We were in Panama last year, and we’d just missed it. I hope that those who suffered loss are in a position to bounce back.

In spite of these unfortunate events, I’d visit both places again.

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