A wanderlusting visionary from Detroit. Suburban resident, businessman in the making, bodybuilder in the making, photographer, writer, designer, poet. Artistic, creative, critical, and analytical thinking person all in one. Cross-dominant (not to be confused to "Ambidextrous"), left-handed most times, twin (R.I.P. my bro), devout JW, I'm a loner until you get to know me a WHOLE lot better…

More Canvas…

Haven’t done any canvas work lately, so I’m getting back into it.  Hopefully by the time this one’s done, I’ll have this tricked out, and have a true backstory to … Continue reading

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East English Village Preparatory Academy

Located on Cadieux and Warren on Detroit’s southeast side bordering the Grosse Pointes, this beautiful school is located where the former Jared W. Finney High School was located.  I’ve only worked here … Continue reading

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’66 Mercury Comet Cyclone

Long story short… I was at Roy O’Brien Ford in St Clair Shores, and I saw this beautiful vintage Mercury just waiting for a new owner.  The predecessor to the … Continue reading

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Clear and To The Point…!

Let’s just say this:  If you wish to avoid a… “crappy” situation, then kindly read the sign above. The sign below also helps as well. Moral is use common sense!  Something … Continue reading

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M1 Under Way!

It’s just a matter of time before we have this baby up and runnin’!  Some debate that this will be a waste of money, but I beg to differ.  Understand, … Continue reading

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Pallister Avenue

Say whatever you want about Detroit, but this city-especially if you’re in the right neighbourhoods-has some very good areas, just gotta find ’em.  That being said, as I’ve stated in … Continue reading

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A House Full of Apples, Literally!

iPod Touch 1st Gen., iPhone 4S, iPad Air 1st Gen., Mary (my departed friend) once told me that once I switch over to Apple, that I wouldn’t go back.  I … Continue reading

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Local Creamery!

How often do you see a local ice cream shop in the neighbourhood?  I haven’t seen once since 4th, or 5th grade, and that was a good 30 years ago … Continue reading

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Day 131. Rain rain, go away…

Not much today, just trying to get some last-minute things done for school.  So I took a few shots of my patio with the rain in progress.  This turned out … Continue reading

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Solar Lights

A gift from mom earlier today.  A set of solar lights from HGTV.  An appropriate complement for my recently-mulched backyard. Had some minor issues with clarity after a few shots, … Continue reading

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