I love to cook. But due to circumstances and recently photographing a bunch of events these past few months has hindered that over time. But I’ve been very busy with a lot of things-getting over my ex was the biggest hurdle yet-but thanks to her, I’ve developed a whole new taste for chicken. And that woman was and still remains a chicken freak (it sucks that she don’t like seafood, tho). I might, or might not blog about her later on. But again I credit her for my interest in some good ol’ “Yahd-buhd”. So here goes!

I bought some baked chicken, broccoli cuts, and egg noodles from Kroger (I shop there religiously). I dumped a pound of the noodles into a 4 gallon pot (teflon), along with another pound of the broccoli and added water, a drop (or two) of extra virgin olive oil (E-,V-,O-,O-, as Rachel Ray calls it), added a tablespoon of butter, a few drops of Ms. Dash, and a drop (or two) of garlic powder (again, courtesy of Kroger) and let the water and ingredients cook to a boil while I diced and cubed TWO chicken breasts, a thigh, and a drumstick. And despite the mess, I’m pleased with the results.

I dumped the chicken into the boiling water and poured everything into a colander. The ingredients were curved atop the colander. Again, I was pleased with the outcome. I then dumped everything from the colander into one of mom’s Pyrex bowls and added some Alfredo sauce. Delicious!

Mom had some, and she liked it, and I had a plate and washed it down with Dos Equis. I need to cook more often.